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Having Difficult Conversations at Work

Some managers constantly interrupt, some colleagues constantly change the subject, some customers get very emotional right away - there are so many difficult conversations we have to have in our professional life!

In this course I will share with you the underlying structure of any difficult conversation and also how to master the conversation professionally!

Key contents of the course are:

  • What makes conversations difficult?
  • Learn why conversations fail and how to immediately recognize and resolve difficult conversation situations.
  • Learn how to master every conversation by shaping your communication in an open, authentic and confident way.

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Difficult Team Members and How To Deal With Them

The performance of your team is a crucial success factor for you, your team and your company. Not always does the performance and / or behavior of each individual meet your expectations. Some pose a challenge - others even a real problem. For these "difficult" team members, this course will enhance your ability to act. 

You will gain a better understanding of the causes of difficult behavior and get to know leadership tools with which you can specifically work towards ensuring that even difficult team members use their potential for the benefit of the company.

  • Practical tools and techniques for counteracting interactions with Difficult People
  • Learn how to immediately disarm the situation
  • 100% practical, and with no academic jargon
  • Be better able to set boundaries

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About the coach

Kai Boyd has been a leader, trainer and facilitator since 1989. He supports leaders and their teams to work together effectively, trustfully and with ease. This involves each and everyone – in their respective roles and as people. Tailor-made formats and genuine attention enable potential to unfold and synergies to emerge. The graduate industrial engineer, managing director and former management consultant knows the requirements of his clients from many perspectives. He works systemically, strength- and solution-oriented. Leading international teams as well as work and academic programs in the USA and the UK enable him to always contribute the international perspective.
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