With the KAIROS© Decision-Maker Profile:

Better decisions for you, your team and the company

Learn about the behavior patterns that influence your decision making

Increase your self-confidence and gain certainty in making decisions

Increase your self-confidence and gain certainty in making decisions

Why Your Decisions Aren't as Rational as You Think They Are

We all like to think we act rationally and consciously at all times. In truth, however, unconscious patterns of thought and behavior are at work in every person, and they influence our decisions.

Good decision-makers do not deny that these patterns exist. Instead, they try to become aware of them, then make them present again and again when making decisions.

I have been using KAIROS© successfully for 10 years. The results are valuable aids to make decisions that are more conscious, understandable and ultimately good in everyday professional life.

Discover Which Type of Decision-Maker You Are With KAIROS©

When you know your thought and behavior patterns, you have the opportunity to recognize them in everyday life. You stop for a moment before making a decision and ask yourself:

Why am I making this decision? Does it have something to do with unconscious beliefs?

Every decision can be looked at from different angles and aspects, and in each of your decisions, certain aspects come to the surface more than others.


Addresses problems in a resolute, vigorous, ambitious, determined manner and is willing to take risks; always remains optimistic and confident of success


Their primary interest lies in quickly reaching realistic, fact-based, logical and workable solutions;  “put square pegs in square holes”


Conscientious, systematic, structured and controlled approach; prepares decisions thoroughly


Looks inquisitively and with an open mind for creative, ingenious solutions that embrace and encourage changes rather than turn established procedures into routines



Places far more importance on “gut feelings” than rational logic when making decisions and resolving problems


Takes care to involve social surroundings in their decisions; strives to find possible consensus through cooperation with others


Strives to develop and adopt an independent position to a given situation, seeks their own route to make decisions and solutions autonomously and independent of others; sets and follows their own standards


Approaches problems calmly and with poise (“strength comes from inner peace”), sticks to the “main issues,” makes balanced judgments, acts with due deliberation and strives for lasting results

Learn How to Make Better Decisions With KAIROS©.

Which of the personality types described above do you think is the best decision-maker? The balanced, the energetic or the communicative?

The Correct Answer:

There is no such thing as the right personality. KAIROS© does not evaluate your ability as a leader. In truth, no one embodies one of the types 100%. In each of us, there are different parts of the personality types. KAIROS© helps us to quantify these parts.

This allows you to reflect on your decision-making and ask yourself: How would an energetic decision-maker have acted in my situation? In this way, you gain a great deal of sovereignty and improve the quality of your decisions. With practice, you will find it easier and easier to choose the appropriate decision based on the situation.

Fill out your profile online. It takes about 15 minutes to answer all the questions. You will receive your personal decision-maker profile.

Increase your self-confidence and gain confidence in making decisions

Recognize when you make good and bad decisions and optimize your decision-making strategy.


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Over 30 Years of Decision-Making Experience

Meet Kai Boyd.

Kai Boyd has been embracing leadership for over 30 years. As a trained executive, he leads teams, departments and entire companies to success. As a coach, Kai shares his experiences with other companies and shows them how to build a healthy leadership culture.  In addition, he currently lives in Munich with his family, believes in jogging every morning and appreciates good food with good company.


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